Maximum Maestro 2S Wind Speed and Direction Indicator

Maximum Maestro 2S Wind Speed and Direction Indicator

Product Details

The Maestro 2S is the ultimate analog anemometer. We have had one operating in our store for well over 20 years and it has captivated thousands of customers both with it's beauty and functionality. The Maestro 2S differs from The Maestro because of the added feature of a switchable wind scale allowing reading up to 120 MPH. A gust register records the highest speed in case you missed it. It also indicates wind direction with 8 tiny red LED's around the face. The lacqered, solid brass case measures 6" in diameter. The kit includes the rooftop anemometer, direction vane, 60' cables, AC adaptor and mounting hardware.

All of our Maximum instruments are available in Polished Brass and for and extra $60 Polished Chrome and Satin Nickel cases are available. You can also choose between Silver or Black for the dial color.