Maximum Maestro Wind Speed & Direction Indicator

Maximum Maestro Wind Speed & Direction Indicator

Product Details

The Maestro is the Workhorse of the Maximum Line. With it's polished case it is as beautiful to look at as it is fascinating to watch. This instrument measures wind speed on the analog dial up to 100 MPH with a gust register that records the highest speed in case you missed it. It also indicates wind direction with 8 tiny red LED's around the face. The lacqered, solid brass case measures 6" in diameter. The kit includes the rooftop anemometer, direction vane, 60' cables, AC adaptor and mounting hardware.

If you're looking for wind wpeed over 100 MPH, get the Meastro 2S which has 2 scales that you can select with a toggle on the bottom of the instrument. The outer scale reads to 40 MPH and the Inner scale reads to 120 MPH.