Gill Race Team Bag 60L

Gill Race Team Bag 60L

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Ok the term Race Team Bag maybe a bit mis leading. Unless you're doing a transatlantic crossing you might get kicked off the boat if you bring this bag on board any race boat. Not that you wont have the coolest bag with all of its features like the roll down closure and wide mouth access. And of course the rest of the crew will be jealous of your confident smile when you stowe it in an area of the boat known to get wet. It's the guy running the boat that's going to blow his top knowing that you have enough room for three sets of foul weather gear, lots of dry socks and underwear, maybe some sweaters and perhaps a packable blazer for dinner at the club later that day all of which add up to un-necessary weight that's going to cost you precious seconds at the finish and possibly his job!