Antique Mermaid Ship's Figurehead Replica

Antique Mermaid Ship's Figurehead Replica

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One of the nicest figureheads in our collection. This Mermaid dates back to the early 1950's She was carved in the United Kingdom for British antique dealer G.T. Ratcliff Limited of Durwards Hall Kelvedon Essex. This company sold both replica and original Ship's Figureheads from the late 1940's to early 1970's to the growing American market. Demand was such that they hired carvers to make a series of Figureheads to sell as originals. These carvings are now in public and private collections around the world. She measures 67" high, 20" wide, 23" deep and weighs in at about 200lbs. Preston's can furnish a copy of the valuation and provenance from figurehead historian Richard Hunter upon request. The antique Ship's Figureheads can be shipped via Motor Freight or picked up at our store in Greenport only. Please contact us for details on shipping.