Velocitek Prism Compass

Velocitek Prism Compass
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The NEW Prism Digital Compass from Velocitek. The Folks at Velocitek looked at the market of digital compasses and saw that there was an opportunity to produce a rugged, lightweight and highly accurate compass that was superior to anything out there and the Prizm is just that!

Starting with an aerospace grade, solid state compass they produced a dedicated compass that is more readable, more accurate and lighter weight than anything else like it on the market today. The Velocitek Prizm weighs in at a very svelte 4.8 ounces. To put that into perspective it weighs a little more than half a roll of quarters. Not much for something so powerful in the impact if can have on whether or not you cought that subtle shift that allowed you to consolidate with the fleet and mitigate the damage caused by your third row start. Add in a large display(45% larger than the tacktik Micro) and now you're really onto something. The Display on the Velocitek Prism is so clear it's readable on the mast from anywhere in the cockpit of a 40 footer. That's of course assuming you are able to see well enough to drive down to the dock, get on the right boat and not fall in the water on the way. I could go on about the Prizm but that might just put you to sleep at this point so check out the bullet points below for the cliffs notes!

  •   Aerospace quality 3 axis magnetometer-incredibly accurate and responsive
  •  Ultralight but rugged construction weighing in at only 4.8oz(137grams)
  •  High Contrast 1.1 in. digits optimized for readability even in direct sunlight
  •  Legal in all One Design classes that allow digital compasses
  •  Water resistant to 9ft for 30 minutes - Let's not let that happen!
  •  The Prizm is powered by a Solar Charged Battery
  •  The Prizm Measures 2.2in high x 4.6in wide x 2.6in deep
  •  Included:Velocitek Prizm, Mounting Cradle, Storage case, Instructions